Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ahhhhh spring!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well spring has finally arrived, for good I hope, and we have been taking advantage of the nice weather.
I must say things have gotten better on the sleep issue, but I'll just leave it at that. I don't want to jinx myself again. Thanks to everyone for their great advice.

Playing in the backyard.
Olivia's not too fond of being outside, she doesn't like the grass, and she not too thrilled to have to stay on the blanket.
Sometimes you just take a picture and it turns out perfect. Olivia will not leave sunglasses on so I put them on her head and voila, the perfect diva picture.


Shannon said...

A picture is worth a thousand words!!! How great is that pic!!!

Bekah said...

That bottom picture is AWESOME! Too adorable with her little shades and precious sweater. She is a beautiful little diva!

Princess D said...

Love your blog. Just wanted to say that we had the same sleep issues until Daniela was about 15 months. She has been sleeping better now for about 1 month and a half but it wasn't until we stopped the bottle and let her cry it out that gradually she started sleeping. I sooooo sympathize with you as we had about 10 pretty sleepless months. Hang in there. It sounds like you may have enough advice but if you need/want more let me know :-)


ginger said...

I love the last picture!!!

Alleen said...

She's just so adorable in that last picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel said...

That IS a great picture! So glad you are getting to sleep again. Angel

A Special Family said...

She is simply adorable :)
Happy Spring!!!