Monday, April 30, 2007

Busy Busy!!!!

Sorry to report I will be away from my computer for the rest of the week!!!
It's crunch time for my party planning.
As I write this I am also, folding laundry, emptying the dish washer, and sewing back together a hairbow for Olivia to wear to her party.
It seems that the birthday girl choose this week to be Velcro baby so I can only do things when she is asleep.
We also have something else keeping us busy, that I will write about in another post, but no it's not another baby, just in case your thoughts went there. Just not ready for that yet.


Sorry blogger friends I will try to catch up on blogs after the party!!!!

Enjoy your week everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ginger said...

Have fun getting ready to party!!

Alleen said...

ok, if you must!!

you'll have to make up for it with LOTS and LOTS of pics from the party.

A Special Family said...

We all need a blog break now and then, enjoy!!!

Crystal said...

You are the cutest!!! I can't wait till you come back!!! Have fun at the party --I can't wait to hear about it!!! hugs to you!!!