Saturday, April 14, 2007

Oh Poo

Last week I think I was finally inducted into the mommy club. I dealt with Olivia's first stomach virus. It started on Easter. She was not acting herself, and she did not want to eat. I thought it was just my Liv testing me. One of her, I'm not going to eat today and you can't make me, days. But then around 5pm it started. Diapers like I have never seen before, and it was happening every half hour. I mean how much can possibly be in a little person. Poor baby.

By Monday morning I knew I had to call the Dr. Thankfully she was not dehydrated, she continued to drink bottles, and her weight was good. All I could do was keep her hydrated and keep her comfortable. Of course this happens the week Vinay is away, so it was just me and Liv at 2am, changing her sheets, stripping her of her clothes, and doing loads of laundry. I went to my Mom's everyday because I could not face the whole time alone.

I must say that, usually I crumble under pressure. I have been know to cry when she gets a cold, or literally scream after a cranky day of teeth coming in. But this time I was different. I was so on top of everything. Doing laundry, running errands, making her chicken soup and even doing stuff for her party, we even managed to fit in a dance party video. I turned into super Mom. Of course as soon as Vinay got home I crashed and took a 2 hour nap. But I did it, I survived, and on my own, sort of. Perhaps I'm stronger than I think.

Of course now we are dealing with the Diva phase of the virus. "Mommy why aren't you holding me all day any more?" "What I have to sit in a highchair?" or the worst "Mommy it's 4am and I'm up, where are you?"

Ahhh Motherhood the hardest job you'll ever love!!!

I bought Olivia her first set of big Lego's, since she liked playing with the set at the Dr. office.
"No camera's please, my hair is not done, I have a load in my pants and a killer diaper rash."


Alleen said...

Ugh, that is the worst kind of sickness. I still remember all of the laundry I did in just a couple of days. Hope she's all better!

Kim said...

Poor Liv!! And yeah for mommy!! I hope Liv is feeling better soon!!

ginger said...

Poor baby!!! Hope she is all better soon.

Bekah said...

Poor little baby! You handled it like a champ though!!! Gotta do what you've gotta do, right? By the way, I love her bed cute!

Shannon said...

Poor baby girl!! Glad she is feeling better!!

I love the humorous notation in the last pic!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

hey nik...

congrats on making it through!!! i can sympathize. connor had the same thing this week. he threw up in the car all over the place- we had to stop and buy him a whole new outfit mid-trip! hope liv feels better:) give her a big kiss from us- can't wait to see you guys soon.

Crystal said...

NIkki--Have I told you lately--you are just the cutest thing ever!!!!!! I just love your blog--you just crack me up and I can so relate!!!

When Caleb was little he cried soooo much and I am one to hold them always so all day he would cry and I felt like I couldn't console him. So I would take him to the mall--he would cry there too!! By the end of the day I was having a meltdown myself!!! Miss Sophie is so so so differant and so so so laid back and happy!!! :o)

YOU ARE SUPERMOM!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!! hugs to you!!! I hope Liv feels better soon!!!!!!

Ellie Puls said...

Job well done!

So, I have a handful of rubber gloves I use for days like that!

Hope Liv is doing better....


The McKenzie Crew said...

Are you free in June?? I may need some help - you are a PRO now baby!!!!!!