Friday, April 20, 2007

Bye bye bottels!!!!!!

We have started to get rid of the bottles. We did have a setback during the stomach virus, but we are back on track, and slowly getting there.
Usually Olivia has One full bottle in the AM, anywhere between 5-8am, yes still working on sleep issues, but much better. Then she would have half a bottle after each meal, and another full bottle before bed. Each week I'm taking away one of the after meal bottles, and then I plan to get rid of the night and morning.
So far we've lost the breakfast and lunch bottle, and she's done pretty good. Her appetite has been good since the stomach virus, so I know that's helped. As for sippy cups (the nubby ones)she uses them for water and is slowly accepting milk out of them. It's a work in progress and I was stressing about it, of course, but I'm glad she is easing into it. Now if anyone could tell me how to get rid of a pacifier I'd be set.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Haha mommy, you'll never get rid of my pacifier!!!!!!!
I get too happy, just thinking about having it!!!!!!
Ok, ok, we'll get rid of the bottles and then my binky!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hey nik..
those pics are priceless- she is sooo cute! hey, if you can get a 1 year old to get rid of the binky, you will need to help me get my 4 year old to stop sucking his thumb!

Kim said...

You're getting rid of the bottles already?? Oh no!! I wasn't going to stop doing that until after his 1 year appointment. :) I did get him down from 4 to that good enough? I guess I know who I'm coming to when I have questions.

Alleen said...

I bet you can drop the bottles one by one and she won't notice. She sounds like she's getting the hang of the sippy cups too. Gabriella still can only really manage the ones with straws on her own. The others I have to tilt back for her.

She was never interested in a binky(in fact, flat-out refused it), so can't give you advice there.

Bene'mom said...

Pics are priceless.Bri never used a binky but Heather-another story. I waited until she was two and understood the concept of big girls didnt need one and we mailed it to Santa so she was assured of getting big girl toys, not baby toys for xmas. (Did it a few days before and it worked perfectly) Somewhere in the postal system is a well sucked on binky mailed 35yrs. ago to Santa!!!!!

ginger said...

I love the first picture!! That laugh is too cute.

Tricia said...

Such sweet pictures! She is adorable!

Home sweet home said...

CUTE !! I am trying to get my twins off the bottle and putting water only in them seems to be working !! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, one day, back when Em was 10 months old, we misplaced the binky and when we did find it, we never gave it back. sometimes we (as parents) think they can't live without it, but they get over it. don't worry she won't go to school with it in her mouth. everyone is different. as for the sippy cups, well monkey see, monkey do. Emily saw that Ruby and Eve had cups and adios bottles. I was playing around with sippy cups since she was 9 months old or even younger. Her last bottle altogether could have been the day she turned one. A few days later she went to get walking shoes and saw Ruby and Eve with the cups with the foldable straw and it's been good ever since. I'll save all my potty training notes for you next year.

Love, chris

Corey said...

Glad Liv's feeling better...
Such a cute devilish SMILE!

The McKenzie Crew said...

All of these babies are growing up waayy too fast - STOP time - I can't take it!!!!!!!