Monday, April 23, 2007

Bathing beauty

Here she is my little fishy. The last few days have been so nice here, 80 degrees. So yesterday we took a ride down the shore, of course I forgot my camera, and let Olivia play in the sand. She loved it, all she wanted to do was pick up sand and put it in my hand. I was worried I would have one of those babies you see running down the beach with the parents running after them, but not my Liv, she just sat right by our side, and watched other kids play, and played with the sand herself. But we'll see how long that lasts once she is walking.

Today I set up the baby pool and let her play in the water. She only played for a little while, I thought she would have liked it more. But then she got out and wanted to just sit by my side while I was laying on a towel getting some sun. Don't worry we both had sunblock on.
Then Daddy, who stayed home from work to spend some time with us since he has been traveling so much, brought out a plate of fries and chicken nuggets. Olivia ate a little then thought it was funny to throw the rest in the pool. Daddy of course thought this was funny also.

Here she is in her bikini
I love her little belly sticking out.
And how cute is the back of this suit with the criss cross.


Kim said...

Such a cutie!! Love the bathing suit.

The McKenzie Crew said...


ginger said...

That is too cute!!!

Alleen said...

Oh my gosh - how cute is she????????????????????

Corey said...

Little Diva gonna work the run way soon?

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

How cute is that kini?

Congrats on the bottles.