Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Why I limit her TV time

Liv usually only watches about 2 hours of TV a day. 1 hour of morning cartoons, and usually 1/2 hour before nap, and maybe 1 show at night. This video shows the reason why. If a show is on that she likes, she is glued to the TV. Here is Liv at a party Saturday night with her friend Tyler, right before we went home.


Anonymous said...

Boy does that girl have "focus"-no distracting her from her GOAL -in this case her T.V. show!! She is tough too as I heard the adults concerned when the little guy did a dive on top of her while she just sat up and went about watching her show! Humm, ever try to get a guy's attention during a game or a girl's during her favorite "girlie drama"! You go Liv-setting goals already!! Truthfully it is more like "leave me alone as I am in my little world of learning from my favorite show! LOL Bene's Mom Lesley

Sandy said...

That is hilarious! That TV focus will serve you well in the years to come, when you NEED her to watch TV so you can get some things done!