Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thanksgiving, RockBand, and Wedding

Thanksgiving was great, we ate way tooooo much, then Vaish and Jake brought Rockband over. If you've never played, you have to try it. Liv was just watching everyone play and then she begged to play the drums. So we disconnected the drum set and let her bang around while I sang the worst version of "Cheeseburger in Paradise" ever!!!
The wedding weekend was so much fun. Liv did great at the reception, all she wanted to do was dance. I would take her off the dance floor to get some water and after one sip of water she would drag me right back on. Of course I only have one picture from the wedding. I hope to get more so everyone can see how Liv was dancing the night away.

A picture before all the eating.
Liv playing with Uncle Jake!!

Liv and Mommy's duet, Vaishu Akka on the right was our only groupie.

Liv taking a break before her drum solo!!

Liv and Me in our Indian outfits!!!!


Ferrick said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfits!! It's so much fun to just let loose and be crazy, singing and dancing is one of them. Susie

DJ Holly Rock said...


That is so funny! I have video and pictures of Rock Band drummer Gia, too! I am glad you guys had a great day.

Kim said...

Rock Band Rocks!!! :) Alex also likes playing the drums. Love the outfits from the wedding - so pretty.

Anonymous said...

wow nik, you're heading to Bollywood!

Alleen said...

Gorgeous dresses!!

I love those pics of you two and the drums!!

Carrie said...

You two look gorgeous in your outfits. Love the family photo and you duet is so cute!