Friday, December 05, 2008

Crawling under a blanket

Why is it that this time of year makes you want to get under a warm blanket with a cup of hot coco, and just cozy up?????

When I should really have my butt out in the stores shopping. Seriously there are less than 3 weeks till Christmas. I have only one gift purchased, my Christmas cards need to be addressed, the tree isn't up, and Liv hasn't had her picture with Santa yet.

Am I the only one who is sooooooo far behind this year?????

Liv getting cozy under her blanket.
We have been watching all the Christmas shows on TV, It is so nice to see her enjoy all the shows I watched as a child.


Rhonda said...

I only have two gifts. I have sooooo much to do.

Carrie said...

It has come up SOOOOOO fast. Just cuddle up with your cutie and order everything online. I am still doing the cards and I have really only shopped for Savannah. Everyone else is getting practical gift cards.