Monday, May 21, 2007

What were doing now

So what has been keeping us sooooo busy lately. It's a house!
Recently Vinay and I purchased a rental property. We're hoping the house will eventually go up in value and we can sell it and use the money for Olivia's college. So we have been working hard cleaning, fixing it up, and furnishing it, so that it will be ready for summer rentals. So many of our friends have helped and we really owe them big time. Thanks guys, you know who you are!!!!

Here is the view from the street, it's just a small bungalow, but it has a great deck.
This is the view from our street. We are about a block and a half from the ocean.


The McKenzie Crew said...

too cool!!

Bekah said...

ooooh it looks so cute. can I move in? :)