Friday, May 25, 2007

Fun at the park w/ Daddy and a new sippy cup

"Yippee, my Daddy is pushing me high on the swings"
"My first slide, wow Mommy never lets me do these fun things"
"I can go down this one myself, as long as my Daddy is right behind me."
"Guess what, I'm throwing out all my old Nubby sippy cups? I found a better one."
"It's a sippy cup with a straw! I can drink much better out of it. And it goes great with my teddy grahams. I'm only biting the heads off, so the bodies are up for grabs if you want some?"


ginger said...

Yahoo, big girl sippy cup!! She is too cute. Looks like you guys had a great time at the park.

Corey said...

So cute!!! where did you get that brown tunic????

Crystal said...

Hey you!!! I have missed you and your beautiful little princess!!! I am loving that brown tunic!!! SO cute!!!! OOOH soo cute!!!!

I am loving these pics!!! Olivia is the cutest!!! Do people tell you all of the time she looks like your husband? They are precious!!!

Hey hey I am loving that little beach house of yours!!!! I want to move in!!!!

hugs to you NIkki and Olivia!!!

Alleen said...

Gabriella likes the straw cups too. The others she still can't tip back herself.

I love the tunic as well!!! She's just gorgeous and getting so big.

Shannon said...

I was your SBP!!! I was SO excited to see her wear the outfit on her 1st birthday!! She looked very cute!!!

A Special Family said...

She is simply ADORABLE!!!!

nikki said...

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you girls know the Brown Tunic came from the Gap. I think they might still have some.