Thursday, May 17, 2007

One year ago......

Exactly one year ago we first laid eyes on my precious baby girl. When I opened the email this is the picture I saw. Those inquisitive eyes staring back at me. Here is what I posted on that day.

Entry for May 16, 2006
She's here, My baby is here,I waited till about2 for the info.
Before we could accept the baby we had to agree to some wacky rules our attorney goes by. We had to agree that we would not meet her foster mother. The lawyer is very protective of her foster mom's and tries to protect them. We will however get to meet with a coordinator who will know all about our baby. We agreed, and then we waited.
I went to my Mom's to wait since I couldn't stand it anymore. I told work I'll be in when I'm in. At about 2pm the agency called and told me the lawyers name, the name of the foster mom, and yes the baby's name, Lucille Miranda Gomez. My mom started to cry.
I was on information overload taking down notes and trying to contain my excitement. I told her just to email me the info and I would call her back with questions.I quickly opened the file and there she was my beautiful baby girl. I started to cry.
She was just the sweetest baby I'd ever seen. Yes she was my baby, I knew it. Actually Ithink she does sort of look like vinay. I called Vinay he was driving back from a meeting. I forwarded the file and told him to call me as soon as he got it.
His first words, "Wow she's really cute" My husband the poet.I had to go to work at least for a little while.
I also had so much to do, call the DR and give him the info, Get our funds together to send the check, and have 1 more paper to fill out.I was flying, we both couldn't sleep, and I can't stop looking at her picture.
Oh yea we renamed her, Meet miss Olivia Miranda Nayak.

Wow it really does feel like it was yesterday. My excitement, my fear, all over the things to come. And here I am a year later watching that precious baby girl eating a snack, here in my home, in my life. I feel so blessed to have lived thru the last year, even the days I didn't think I'd survive. It was all worth it. She is worth it.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Olivia, because when she laughs, a real laugh, she laughs with her whole face. She is so funny, still not eating too much, but she's funny!!!


Bekah said...

Oh my goodness she was such a beautiful little baby...not that I am surprised because she is a gorgeous little girl! Time goes by so quickly...I'm glad for that in this waiting process but I know as soon as we have her home I will want life to slow down!

les said...

Wow time goes by so fast-it is great you have the pictures as she will love looking at them when she is a bit older. Heard the party was a blast-saw some pics from Bri-gosh all the De Paul guys looks so different-I rememeber them all as skinny teenagers when beer and pizza were the highlite of ther life. Now it is wives, children and girlfriends!! Love Bene's Mom

The McKenzie Crew said...

WOW - precious memories - adoption takes a hold of your heart and each step from the first is so very special:) I love that last pic -


Alleen said...

It's so awesome to look back on these milestones isn't it?? I just celebrated referral day last month and in some ways it feels like yesterday and in others like a lifetime.

ginger said...

What great memories!! She is so adorable

A Special Family said...

She is simply beautiful, what a great post!