Monday, May 14, 2007

Picky, Picky

Mommy, we're done with dinner, I won't eat a thing, but I'll help load the dishwasher" "Now where did you say my sippy cups go?"

Well it's official Liv is a picky eater. And I mean sooooo picky. First she does not like the texture of most food so forget about feeding herself any fruit or veggies, or noodles for that matter. She used to love chicken noodle soup, but now I can only get in about 2 mouth fulls before she clears off the tray of her highchair with the sweep of her hand, and starts to screech until I take her out. Here is what we are down to.
Nutra grain waffles
grilled cheese
string cheese
soup w/ pearl pasta
once in awhile a chicken nugget
fruits if they are in yogurt
Vegetables if they are in yogurt, yes you read that right. I am desperate for her to get some veggies in her diet.
That's it. I am really stressing about this, because how is she going to get completely off her bottles if she doesn't have a balanced diet?
Anyone out there HELP, this girl won't eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ginger said...

Do whatever you have to!! I must say some of that doesn't sound very tasty.

Kim said...

Is this a recent change? Alex was always a great eater, and then about 3 weeks ago, things changed. He didn't want to eat - only puffs, goldfish and cheese. I stressed about it for a little bit, but then - almost overnight - he's back to eating good.

He even had pork tenderloin tonight!

I think hiding the food in stuff she likes is a great idea. Have you already had her 1 year appointment? This was something I was going to bring up on Alex's on Thursday.

Good luck!!

Alleen said...

Hey, do whatever it takes! If yogurt gets old, mix things in applesauce.

I don't really have advice because I have what seems to be a human garbage disposal that eats everything....... Even things I don't like(like raw tomatoes).

Have you tried black beans and/or kidney beans? That is one of Gabriella's favorites(right out of the can, rinsed).

ale said...

I was about to say "black beans" when I read Alleen's comment. I was the pickiest eater in the world but would eat anything dunked on black beans (according to my mother, of course). I am yet to meet a kid that doesn't like black or red beans.

Anonymous said...

hey nik...

try not to stress to much about it. it is good that she will eat things mxed in with other things. she will get a lot of her protein in that yogurt. connor will only eat fruit, yobaby yogurt, any kind of bread or cracker, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, and pizza. literally that is it. try the beans. my pediatrician suggested getting different types of beans (all different colors) and placing them on the high chair together so she can pick which colors she wants. connor didn't go for it but maybe liv will. at the end of the day all you can do is try- don't make it a power struggle because it may just be a phase. and you won't win anyway (trust me i have been trying for 3 years). good luck with it, i definitely can relate to your worry and frustration about it. i have one great eater and one terrible eater. hopefully the picky ones will grow out of it eventually! good luck and if you feel like you are at the end of your rope give me a call!

Tricia said...

Olivia is as sweet as ever! Victoria definitely went through phases of being interested in food & then ignoring it all together!

I also had to keep trying & keep trying & keep trying different stuff!

Crystal said...

OOOH I am catching up!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your post on Mother's Day thank you for posting that!!! :O)

Can I just tell you how cute your little dollbaby is --I am loving that dress!!!

oooh Nikki-- let me just tell you I feel your pain!!! Caleb --well he was (is) the pickiest eater!!! I mean picky!!! And it did not help that I cater to him!!! I know, I know!!! But I do make deals with him to at least eat a couple of bites of veggies!!! I am so sorry I have no words of wisdom on this one we struggle ourselves and he is five!!!! I will tell you even though he is still picky now it does get better!!!! :O)

A Special Family said...

It takes the average child 22 times to acquire a new taste, so even putting 2 or 3 peas on her plate each night is OK.
Also when she is a little older you can do a 'no thank you bite' where she has to have one spoonfull of everything, but can say no thankyou. I also used to hide things...and make what did get eaten myself so there was no preservatives and I could sneak things in. For example homemade tomatoe sauce for pizza that had zuccini. I would also grate zuccini to go under the melted cheese....