Thursday, December 14, 2006

Just me obsessing

Olivia really started crawling this week. Time to put up the safety gates
"All this crawling is hard work! Or maybe it's my cold that is knocking me out!"

Yes she is on the move. Gone are the days when I could leave her with a toy and load the dishwasher or answer the phone. Now I have to have my eye on her every move. Especially because of her new interest in plugs and wires.

It seems every week I am obsessing about something usually it's something to do with Olivia. Vinay always says I'm not happy unless I'm worrying about something. 2 weeks ago it was because Liv had her first cold, we survived. Last week it was the christmas shopping, which still isn't done. At the beginning of the week it was that I had nothing to wear to Vinay's work Christmas party on Friday. On Monday I used my Ann Taylor Loft gift certificate to get an awsome outfit. I really needed something since all I wear are sweats anymore. Liv also has another cold, but surviving the last one has put me at ease for this one. Then last night as I tried to go to sleep it popped into my mind. How am I going to make small talk at this party. What if I have nothing interesting to say. The fact is since Liv has been home I have thought of nothing but her. What time did she eat? Is she due for a nap? Did she poop today? Sure to my friends I can carry on a conversation, but even then 80% of the conversation is about Liv. Even with Vinay it's, "Guess what Liv ate today? or did that sound like a cough to you?" In 2 months as a stay at home mom my brain has turned to mush. Don't get me wrong there is nothing I would rather do than to be home with Olivia. It's just that I haven't read a book or opened the newspaper. During Entertainment Tonight I'm usually giving her a bath. And since all tv shows are in reruns, I've got nothing.
So today I stocked up on my celebrity gossip magazines, a newspaper, and I will try to stay awake during the news. Hopefully talk of Nicole Richie's DUI, and the weather will get me thru the night. It all else fails a few glasses of wine should bring out something interesting. Wish me luck as I go to my first all adult evening.


Alleen said...

Oh my goodness! You and me both baby!! I too think and talk of nothing else.

And harumph, Gabriella's bathtime is during Entertainment Tonight too and I miss seeing it!! I do still get my People magazine fix at night before I go to bed.

Anonymous said...

this too shall pass........while emily is only a year older, it does make a big difference. If I can get her off my leg, I go running a few times a week. I also got back into reading novels...some smutty ones are easy readers, but I just finished One more day by Mitch Albom and I really liked it. I tend to watch more episodes of Elmo (and find myself actually not minding)Not being a big sitcom or reality tv person, I guess I don't mind so much about tv, but if you leave MTV on long enough,it's like a form of crack. If you'd like a story to share tomorrow, you can tell people that your frind chris who teaches overheard in class that one of her 9th graders was babysitting her neighbors kids and was caught doing her BF on the neighbors bed. 1. neighbors crazy for their judgement anyway b/c she looks like a little slut 2. can you imagine? ILLLLLLL!
3. This girl was the one telling the story AFTER she came back from her first visit to the OB/GYN!!!!

sugar and spice? I think too much spice in her case. with that.....enjoy and talk someone's ear off about LIV. you've only had her home 2 months, so she's still a newborn, only she's a lot more active.

Kim said...

Alex isn't quite crawling yet - but he can roll to anything he wants to get his hands on. You'll do fine at the party. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Thank God For People ...My hubby gave it to me and the mailman brings it to me at the door - or I would have no idea how Britni and her babies are - ya know I worry about them - especially now that PARIS is babysitting them:)



Holly G. said...

Heck, I bet everyone there is going to want to talk to you about your gorgeous daughter the whole night.

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