Sunday, December 03, 2006

Deck the halls

Our Christmas tree is up.
We carried our tree up from the basment fully assembled, because we were to lazy to put it away correctly last January.
We are finally in the Christmas mood in our house.

Olivia is in love with books, and when she plays with them, it really looks like she is reading


The McKenzie Crew said...

Only the most talented readers can read upside down - you go girly! JB has that down pat as well:):)

You tree is beautiful!


Alleen said...

Can Liv come and teach Gabriella to appreciate books. I can't read to her because she just wants to grab and eat the book and flail about and has no interest in listening or looking at the cute pictures. sigh.......

ginger said...

You were smart leaving the tree up and decorated all year. I love to put them up but hate to take them down. Liv is so cute reading her book and that green is beautiful on her.

Holly G. said...

Liv is such a smart girl, she is reading the book and it is even upside down. How adorable.