Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas day

Christmas day we were at my Mom's in the morning, then we drove up to Vinay's Mom's for dinner, and a sleepover. Vinay's sister and her husband to be spoiled Liv. From the picture you can see that it was very laid back. For some reason Parker's eyes are glowing in these pictures.

We had to bribe Parker to keep the antlers on. But don't they both look ready to get on Santa's sled.

"Parker just smile so they can take the picture and then we can open our gifts."

Parker says "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night" Posted by Picasa


ginger said...

These are too cute. She looks so sweet!!

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahaha! I am luvin the pic of the dog and Liv!!WOOOOW - those eyes glowin are a trip!So glad you guys are enjoying the Holidays!!


Alleen said...

That last pic is adorable!!

Kim said...

How cute!! The eye glowing thing is kind of creepy!! :)