Sunday, October 12, 2008

Livapalooza 2008 (Second forever family day)

Well yesterday began our second Livapalooza celebration. Liv has been home 2 years, some days it feels like yesterday she came home, some days it feels like we have never been without her.

We were suppose to start off the celebration with Apple picking, sorry John, Jenene, and Tyler for not making it. But with Vinay's travel schedule so hectic, Daddy really needed a day to just relax on the couch and pack for this weeks trip. So today was just a quiet day at home, followed by Liv's favorite meal edamama and miso soup!!!

This week will be full of fun things to celebrate the next five days!!!!

Minutes after she was placed in our arms forever!!!

Such a wonderful little girl she is, yet she has an old soul!!


Kim said...

I know - can you believe that it's been 2 years? Where has the time gone? And next year you are coming to Guatoberfest - I have to meet you in person!!!

Tracey said...

Awww! We were in Guatemala at the same time! BUT we were in Antigua up until the 27th or so of Oct. You have one beautiful little lady there:) Congrats!!

Carrie said...

Happy 2 years home! I so know what you mean about it feeling yet yesterday, but feeling like forever.

Have fun celebration your lovely little girl!