Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Joining in this year and Liv's list

This year's Livapalooza has been so fun because Liv can help with the celebration.

Helping me make a cake. This is the first time I ever really let her cook with me, she loved it. I didn't love the clean up, but it was worth it.
Here she is exactly 2 years ago today. My little peanut, she was only about 10 pounds.

Every once in a while I like to do a Liv's List, and write about the things she likes and is doing at this stage in her life.

Liv's List:

She loves...
Any kind of candy,
Diego, any animal she sees she relates to one she saw on Diego,
Miso soup, seaweed, tofu and all,
Holding hands,
Group hugs with mommy and daddy,
The song, "All Summer Long (Sweet Home Alabama), by Kid Rock.

She thinks...
That everyone is either a "baby", "Daddy", "Momma", or a "Pop pop", She is confused about Grandmothers since hers don't have grey hair and are young.
That her Daddy can fix everything, even though Vinay is not that handy, I think little girls should believe their dad can fix anything.
That every time she goes to sleep Mommy is sleeping too, sometimes she's right.
That people only have two emotions mad or happy, and she will tell you which one she is.

She doesn't like...
When a song she likes goes off the radio.
To go to bed at night, this is a new thing.
Having to wear socks and shoes.
The noise of the vacuum, she will tell me "NO" even if she just spots it in the closet.
Any costume I pick out for her, she did like the spiderman costume she saw in the store.


Alleen said...

How cute is she helping cook??? I haven't braved that yet.

Tracey said...

I think litte girls should believe their daddy's can fix anything too! I love the lists...I need to do some one day:)

Carrie said...

What a cutie now and then!

I love to hear what other two year olds like and don't like and think and you see that yours is a like the others out there.

Not liking to go to bed--once a night owl, always a night owl.