Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Both of us working hard and a question

Both Liv and I have been hard at work on separate projects

Here is Liv, hard at work on her drawing and writing skills. This desk is my latest trash to treasure. The best part of the desk is that the top flips up and then there are magnetic letters to work with.

Don't bother me with that camera when I'm working. Yes this sweet little girl can give some dirty looks.
OK I'll just ignore you and keep writing.

Now for the project I have been working on, everyone knows how I've been trying to get healthy food in my daughter who refuses to eat. Well over the summer Liv really got into eating ice cream and ice pops, so I had to come up with a way to make that a healthy snack/meal for her. What I started to do was make up yogurt connections and freezing them to make it look like ice cream cups.

Here is my latest recipe
1 small container of fiber 1 yogurt. Only use this brand if your kid is constipated, otherwise use plain yogurt
1 small cup of any flavor applesauce. Here I used the berry blend from Motts, no sugar added
2 tablespoons of pedisure for the vitamins.
2 tablespoons of baby cereal, yes I still buy this.
Mix all ingredients in small bowl by hand or use a handheld mixer for it to become frothy.
Pour into small cups
Top with a few sprinkles or nonpareils
Freeze and serve.

Now here is a question, if you saw something like this for sale in a supermarket or healthfood store would you buy it for your kids.

I've been experimenting with different desserts that are actually good for you, and just wondering if there is a market out there for it?
Please be honest!!!!!!!!!!


Kim said...

That sounds wonderful - I may have to try it. And I've just started geting Fiber One Yogurt for Alex as he has some...umm....potty problems. :)

Anonymous said...

I make concoctions like this at home so I might not buy it. I always think I can make things better than what's already on the market. lol Go to Whole Foods. There's more than their share of healthy food options for kids and adults alike, it just cost more to buy it.

Carrie said...

You are so creative. You should open up a cafe. I don't think Savannah would even try it. She is so picky, but likes what she likes and fruits and veggies is one thing. She goes hot and cold on yogurt and smoothie and things like that, but her veggies are staple and she has been doing better with chicken.

Wow--what a trash treasure. Liv looks so little behind that desk though. I like that it has a flip top. Savannah's doesn't. She is very serious and can give a look.

Michelle Riggs said...

Sounds very yummy!