Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Great Pumpkin

Halloween has been Liv's favorite topic these past few weeks. She loves to see all the Halloween decorations on the houses even the scary ones. This morning we went to the library and they had a Halloween story time and sing along, then the kids went to different parts of the library to go trick or treating. Olivia loved it.

Getting a treat from Bert, no Ernie was there, just Bert.

Trick or Treating in the library.

Olivia and her friend Milania after story time.

Olivia posing in her costume the day we bought it.

Liv posing at my Mom's house.
Happy Halloween everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

good choice -kwis

Alleen said...

Happy Halloween little Pumpkin!!

Ferrick said...

Nikki, I so appreciate all your encouraging words and prayers for Bella. Your Olivia is so cute and I love how you have nick named her "Liv". Looks like she totally fits her name. Blessings, Susie

Carrie said...

Cutest little pumpkin ever. Nice library program. Ours here leave something to be desired. The librarians aren't very enthusiastic.

Glad you had fun.

Sharon and Olivia Grace said...

She is an adorable lil pumpkin!!
Looks like she had fun Trick or Treating!

Love that your Uncle sells chickenbuses!! Very cool!