Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wow Wednesday

A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he gets to know something.
Wilson Mizner (1876 - 1933)

Well yesterday was Liv's Dr appointment. Of course he said that Liv is developing nicely, she is right on track, but she may have a speech delay. So he set us up for an evaluation with a speech therapist through Early Intervention. It is part of the school system in town and hey that's what we pay these high taxes for right. So in the next two weeks Liv will have her evaluation.
While we were at the Dr. Liv just stood there listening to us talk to the Dr, and I realized that my Liv is an observer at heart. She observes and listens to everything. That is how she approaches the world. She is cautious first, then curious. That is just her personality, and that is what I love about her. So my Liv you be the good listener, and with a little help, you'll soon be able to tell us all that you've taken in. Note to self, stop cursing at other drivers, while driving!!!!

Here are some pictures from yesterday, it was 67 degrees and Liv could not wait to go out and play.
Fueling up before going outside.
"What we really are going to play outside?"
"Put the camera down and lets go Mamma."
"Fine I'll just go with out you."


Carrie said...

Glad everything is ok. An evaluation can't hurt, only can help. I totally agree with you that Liv takes it all in after meeting her. She is definitely an observer and then goes and takes the plunge. I think that is a great characteristic to have.

Savannah is cautious too and won't do anything until she is good and ready and good at it (need for achievement and success oriented). I think that is a fine trait to have.

Alleen said...

If she is such a good observer, she would do great in speech therapy I bet! Gabriella is in therapy but is tooooooo busy to pay any attention. It's frustrating for me...

Sharon & Bill said...

Our girls have a lot in common. My Olivia is the same way, very observant of everything and everyone. I too think that is a good trait to have.

It's too bad that our trip to NY didn't land us closer to you. It would have been great for all of us to meet. Unfortunately we were in Utica which is about 5 hours from the City.

Enjoy your nice weather!


Corey said...

So cute and so stylish!