Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wow wednesday a day late

"Our patience will achieve more than our force" Edmund Burke

Boy do I need to remember this quote more often. Lately I have been worrying about Liv's speech, or lack there of. I know that she is basically a quiet child, but I really thought she would be picking up more words by now. She will say, Momma, Dadda, backpack (thank you Dora), hot, this, that, and apple. I know that is not too bad, but theses are the same words she has said for the last few months. I must say that she understands everything and I mean everything we say, even when we are not talking to her. She also communicates to us what she wants or needs with her own little sign language. It's just that I really thought she would be adding more words to her vocabulary by now, this weekend she will be 20 months. So today I made an appt with her Dr for next week, just to make sure that she is on track. I know he is going to tell me she's fine and to just let her go at her own pace. She will talk when she is ready, so for now I will rely on being patient.

Vinay put together Liv's table and chairs last night, it only took 2 hours, but it's the last of things she got for Christmas that needed to be put together.
"No Daddy, it goes like this"
Posing in front of her table, before we went out in the 20 degree weather this morning.
"Mommy button this coat and lets go already!!!!!!!"


Kim said...

I'm sure Liv is just fine. :) My brother didn't say anything until he was 2 - and he's fine now. (well - as fine as a sister can think her brother is!!)

Love the table - and love the coat - too cute!!

Alleen said...

If you're concerned, make an appt for a full evaluation with your state's early intervention program. I will say that most peds take a wait and see approach.

Gabriella is in speech therapy and has been for about 3 weeks now. So far, it's a struggle because she has zero attention span and won't cooperate with anything the therapist tries. I'm hoping to try a different approach.

To that end, she is starting sensory integration therapy next week since she is sensory seeking.

The EI stuff is free if your insurance doesn't pay for it. I can tell you that chances are if she only has those words she will qualify. Not sure if every state is different, but here, they have to score under 76% in an area to qualify.

Gabriella has 7 words at 21 1/2 months. She has picked up 4 since the evaluation, but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the therapy. She too understands everything and babbles away.

email me if you want more info or to chat.

Carrie said...


I feel the same way as you. I want Savannah to talk so badly and I guess I expect so much since I was an early talker. I have to remember for 8 months (even though I fostered her since 5 months, 9 days we were still in a Spanish speaking environment) she heard mostly Spanish and then English. She does everything at her own pace and later than others, but then is SO great at it and doesn't stop.

Savannah will also say a lot of words and then stop and sticks to her ol' favorites. She will say soemthing new and then stop. She "speaks" all the time it just isn't what we know as English. She will go on and on and on though. She says about 25 words clearly, but I want more. Everyone tells me at 2 she will expolde and will never stop and it happens overnight.

I know Liv is ok and developing perfectly. I told the Dr. at her 18 month visit that I am worried that she should be speaking more and he said 20 words is great and do I know there is no off button once it starts.

I love that hat. How do you get her to wear it or was it a fluke?