Monday, January 21, 2008

Great Weekend and a picture for Uncle Victor!!

First I would like to thank everyone for their generosity for our cyber shower for Jenny, Matt and Eliana!!! You can still donate, just check out

We had a great weekend just hanging out with Olivia. It was too cold to go anywhere, so we just stayed in and played all weekend. We also packed for Vinay and me. We are going on Vinay's annual work trip to Cancun. It is even harder to leave this year, because Liv will know I am gone. But still I am going, because I think Vinay and I need it. Lately Liv has been taking so much of me, all that girl wants is her Momma, and there isn't much left for Vinay. So I am looking forward to spending time together as a couple ;)

The best thing in the world. Playing tea party with your daughter!!!!
Would you like your tea with one lump of sugar or two!!
Hey Uncle Victor guess who I'm rooting for in the superbowl.
Ohhhh Yeaaaa the Giants!!!!! Go Eli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kim said...

Can I come with you to Cancun? I don't take up that much space in a suitcase! I'm very jealous. I have to plan a trip for Jay and I soon.

Liv is just too cute - and I think there is LOTS of sugar there when she is involved. :)

JuJu - said...

That is one cute kid;)

Crystal said...


We have that same tea set and Miss Sophia LOVES it!!! I agree there is nothing like playing tea set with your daughter!!!! Olivia is just as cute as she can possibly be!!! xoxoxo

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

I just love a good toddler tea party. They are so much fun.

Christine said...

Tea parties are the best!

Carrie said...

Cute as a button. Savannah has the same balloon, but it says Patriots. I don't like football and wasn't rooting for either team, but I like both since we lived in NJ for so long and now live in NE, so they were both our teams.