Sunday, December 09, 2007

Liv in the holiday spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been falling behind in our blog. Between the holidays, my family, and just general life, I've had a hard time getting on the computer.
My Grandfather is doing well, getting stronger everyday, but my family is now feeling the weight of caring for him. My aunts and Mom do the brunt of the work, but everyone is now turning on each other, who is not putting enough time in, who's tired, and who's life has changed the most. I'm hoping it's just the stress of the holidays, and that things will settle down after the new year. That's the thing about close knit families, the drama!!!!!!!!!!
Last week we took Liv to see Santa. I was gearing up for her to scream and not want to go on his lap. Well did she surprise us she walked right up to him, sat on his lap, and then kept going back up to him as I was paying for the pictures. That girl always amazes me!!!

"Hi Santa! I've heard all about you! Can I sit on your lap?"
"Oh Santa I want a kitchen set, a doll, and a shopping cart. And for my Pop Pop to get better"
We put up our tree Liv loved helping with the ornaments.
She was so excited, and she loves to sit and play by the tree. She also loves to take ornaments off the tree, so every night I redecorate the tree all over again after she goes to sleep.
"Who me, I'm not taking ornaments off, it must be Parker"


Anonymous said...

good job, liv. blame Parker! Nik, remember the year you came to bake cookies and bailey knocked our tree over! good times.

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

You did a great job with Santa. Maybe you could give Maya some pointers. She screams when she sees him on t.v. I hope you get what you want for Christmas. I am glad that you Pop Pop is doing better.

Alleen said...

I hope everything settles down in the family soon...

Sounds like you had a much better Santa experience than we did!

Holly G. said...

It's definitely Parker!!!

Hey Nikki, I'm thinking of your family, I hope everything gets better.

The McKenzie Crew said...

You are in my prayers- always!

I love you guys:)