Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend at the beach

We spent one of our last weekends at the beach.It was such a nice weekend and Liv just loves to play down there. Even when it's cold. On Friday night we had such a bad night with Liv just being so cranky, and taking it out on everyone. I am dealing with it much better. I read in a book that at this age babies see us as objects. By just reminding myself of this I can better separate myself emotionally from the tantrum. It's amazing, I use to be able to control a room full of 30 kids and yet this one little girl can reduce me to tears. I guess both her and I are a work in progress.
All and all we had a good weekend and Olivia really enjoyed family time.
A special thank you to my bloggerfriends Kim and Alleen for all their words of encouragement. I feel like our children have so many similarities. You ladies always help me to feel like I am not going thru this alone. I really wish I could have met up with you guys in atlanta. Maybe next year!!!

Liv just playing on the beach. Or should I say running.
Liv would never leave on sunglasses, on Saturday night we put these on her and she would not take them off.
Cool rider!!!


Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

She is so cute. I love the pictures. How do you get the sunglasses to stay on???

Kim said...

Oh my gosh - she is just so cute!!

And I know what you mean - it seems like we are all going through the same thing with our kids. It's nice to know that there are others who are dealing with the same thing! (even if we don't have the answers yet)

I do have a request - we need to see wedding pictures!!!! :)

Alleen said...

Oh yes, misery does love company,huh??? I sooooo get it. It's just been rough around here lately. I long for one of those easy-going babies. Gabriella has been high-strung since an infant and it's only getting worse. She is set off so easily it just blows me away. Taking her out is hit or miss any more. I am actually nervous about Guatoberfest. She's going to be a handful. Throw in a mix-up of her schedules(especially naps) and it could be touchy!!!

If you find any little helpful things, post them! We're in this together.

she's too cool for her shades.

Carrie said...

Too cute on the beach and riding around.

I feel the same way that I control an entire class of kdg kids, but not my own sometimes. It is just SO different when it is your own.

We will be in NJ at the end of the month, but it my MIL's birthday, but I would love to meet up with you our next trip in. Maybe the end of Oct. or early November.

E-mail me at anytime. We can talk about our toddler''s antics too!