Thursday, September 13, 2007


Not a day goes by that I don't ask myself, " Am I creating a brat?" Now let me just say that I love Olivia more than anything and I would do anything for her. Lately she has had this bad temper. It's almost like a frustration. She gets mad at her toys, mad at the carseat, mad at me. She will push and hit. All this coming from my sweet little girl, who always had the best temperament. My baby girl who use to laugh and dance all the time. When she goes to hit me I tell her no and then put her down, this usually begins a huge crying session and then I wind up picking her up. I keep thinking maybe she's getting sick or it's her teeth, she does have some big molars coming in. But am I just making excuses?
Could the terrible two's have started at 16 months?

"Mommy put the TV on, I want to watch wonder pets!!!!!!!!!!"
"What you won't put it on for me"
"Well I'll just do it myself"


Kim said...

Alex is doing the EXACT same thing. He's into throwing things, and he hits me across the face (and usually sends my glasses flying). We've been using a timeout in his pack n play. I'm not sure it's working. :)

Alex also has some molars coming in.....I don't know what is going on....Let me know if anything works for you!! :)

Kim said...

Hey - are you not coming to Guatoberfest now? I'm so upset!! I was so looking forward to meeting you and Liv!!! I feel like you and I are living parallel lives with our kidos!!!!

Alleen said...

Welcome to toddlerhood, great fun isn't it??? I have been saying lately that Gabriella is spending more time screaming, shrieking, crying and being upset and miserable than not during the time she is awake. It's BAD. She just loves to scream when she doesn't get her way. And that can be anything at all! Today, I put a sticker she got on her stroller tray and she had an absolute fit when she couldn't get it off. So, I took it off and then she shrieked because I threw it away.... aye yay. Calgon take me away some days.

Carrie said...

I so hear you! Toddlerhood is a challenge and it starts early! The mood swings are so confusing. I try to find excuses too, but it is just that she is a toddler. She is usually very good and she was the PERFECT baby, but now all bets are off. I long for those baby days. It is a challenge, but it is fun too. I think they are frustrated with their language that they can understand so much, but can't communicate. They are stuck between being a baby and wanting to be independent. Take each day as it comes. Yesterday I had to hold Savannah all day and today she was fine. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Good luck! It would be fun to chat and compare notes.