Saturday, September 12, 2009

We don't even call it school!!!!

Many of you will remember that last year I put Liv into a school program for 2 year olds and had to take her out. Yes she would cry, but if it was just crying I would have kept her in. Liv tends to be a nervous child and she has a memory like an elephant, she remembers everything!!!! She would be so nervous that she had to go to school, even on the weekends. First thing in the morning she would look at me with those big eyes filled with fear and ask "School today Mommy?". When I said no, she was relived, when I said yes, and so would begin the crying and pleading for her not to go to school. I also noticed that she had started picking very badly at her cuticles. So I caved and took her out. I just couldn't see my little baby so nervous.

We figured wait a year, and then at 3 she will forget the bad experience and be ready to go. Well not my Liv, if anyone ever asks her "Do you want to go to school" she will always answer. "No school for me, Mommy go bye bye". Last spring I signed her and I up for a Mommy and Me program, at Sand Hill Presbyterian Preschool. I figured if she had me with her for the whole time, when September came she would at least be familiar, and have happy memories from Mommy and Me. We also always called it "Sand Hill" because the word "School" had too many negative connotations.

SO last week when we started school Liv was happy to go, of course she had no idea I would be leaving halfway through the class. She was hesitant at first but then she was excited to play with all the stuff they had out. She went from table to table happily playing, drawing, and painting, with the occasional look up to make sure I was still in the room.
Then came time for the mommies to leave the room and go to sign papers and listen to the director talk. I said " Liv I'm going to go down the hall and have coffee with the other Mom's." "Where?" she asked like I was making it up. "Right down the hall, and I'll be right back." She didn't answer, so I took that as a yes, and said good bye.

It was a long 15 minutes as I sit in that room wondering how Liv was doing. Finally we could go back and pick them up. I walked in and saw Liv's blood shot, puffy, eyes and she was clutching the teachers hand. Liv said "Mommy you were gone too long" and then the crocodile tears started, she also wanted out of that place. We said good bye to the teachers and talked about going on the playground next time.

Since Thursday whenever asked about "Sand Hill", She says that she didn't like it and that "Mommy left me". I try to reminder her of all the fun she had, and the cool things to do.
We'll see what next week holds!!!!!

Only a milkshake and a McDonalds playplace could cheer her up.
This is the attitude look I've been getting lately!!!

Happily showing off her outfit befor school!!

Modeling her new "Pack Pack", as she calls it, the week before!!!


Ellie said...

I am so right there with you on the School thing...

The first day or 2 was awful... Then is started getting better. We created a Good Girl School Board, and made it so we could put 5 velcored stars on it. Everytime she does good in school, I give her a star, and when she gets 5 stars, she gets a new toy... A Cheap Toy that is... She is so proud that she can go into the dollar store and pick out any toy she wants!

Well, the last few days have been really rough... I know it has alot to do with what is going on with my mom. But, I have to stick to the routine and stars... They had to actually peel her off of me this morning, and she had a VERY tight grip, with a handful of my Hair...

So what is going on with the other things... You know... the big A~!


Anonymous said...

She is adorable!!!! Try the book Llama Llama Misses Mama. It helped us through a rough start of school. It is a precious book. Good luck.

Christine in LA

steff said...

it must be hard to leave her knowing how sad she becomes but the persistence will pay off. plus, you are liv's best buddy so it must be hard for her to think of being away from you for so long. i'm sure it's just a rough patch but i bet frequent trips to mc d's will help to ease the transition!