Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Missing Summer Already

It's barely even cold here yet, but still I miss Summer. Here are a few pics from this past Summer.

Liv swimming in our friends pool complex. Thanks Bean for letting us use the pool Liv loved it.
One of my favorite pictures of my Mom and Liv. Bean, My Mom loved the pool also!!!

Addie, Liv, and Emily enjoying dessert from our 4th of July party!!!

Liv and her friend Johnny riding scooters in front of the beach house!!!

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steff said...

i thought we were due for hot weather until at least October since we didn't get real summer weather until the middle of July this year! so unfair, but im looking forward to wearing layers and the smell of fires burning! oh yeah and pumpkin pies and sweet potatoes & turkey! can you tell im about to go on lunch?