Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Invasion of the body snatchers!!!!!!!!!

What a cute and innocent and sweet face.

Can someone tell me where this sweet child has gone. For the last few weeks she has morphed into some type of toddler alien, sent down to push every button I have. She is caught somewhere between a stubborn three year old and a bratty teenager. Please this is not my child, not the child who would do anything I say, answer every sentence with a please or thank you, and cuddle every chance she had. This child is demanding, "Give me that", she snapped as i was fixing her toy. She will yell, "don't laugh at me", if you smile at her and she does not want you to. And God forbid you don't let her choose which apple she is about to eat. Seriously she has been in time out more in these past few weeks than she has in her whole life. So if you see my sweet Liv tell her that I need her beautiful, kind, loving, self back, before I go absolutely raving mad.

PS If this is the terrible threes, I don't think I can survive till her next birthday!!!!


Kim said...

Yep....right there with you. 100% Sweet Alex must have gone to the same place Liv went. Will we survive until May?????

steff said...

oh no! hard to imagine liv acting anything but sweet and demure. sounds like a tricky phase. hope she still likes school!

Ellie said...

Ok... I know EXACTLY what you are talking about... AND THEN SOME! All I keep saying to Angelena is... YOU WAIT TILL HE CAN GET YOU BACK CHICA.... I swear, Angelo has been the brunt to her crap, but, I know in time, she is going to WISH she wasn't so mean to him... AND THE TIME OUTS~~~!!!! She used to go into timeouts and stay put>... !!!! HAHAHA... I am getting my exercise right now, putting her in them.... I think I need some DUCK TAPE... Ya, that would keep her sitting for at least a minute!

Alleen said...

I feel your pain girl... Three has been HARD. Now, I will say, Gabriella was never really easy and calm and obedient, so it wasn't as shocking to me. But, she went from difficult to impossible some days. Hang in there. I will say since school started back up again, things have been MUCH better. Maybe the calm before the storm?

Tracey said...

Oh sister! I am with you! I have 2 like that right now. Aracel has always been a diva, but Kade, he is turing into a male diva...I want my sweet baby boy back!!

Maybe since we are going through this now, we will have angels as teens? Ha ha!