Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tiny Dancer

Trying on her new leotard, who knew target sold dance wear!!!

Cute little ballerina!!!!
Liv's first day of dancing school was last Friday. Liv was very nervous about going. But luckily her friend Emily called her and left her an encouraging message. Liv then felt that she would like to go.
So we went early so that Liv could see the class before her, and she was excited. She didn't even notice when the teacher asked the parents to leave. I stayed right by the window and of course every few minutes she would turn around to look for me.
About 3/4 through the class, she had enough, she came to the door and said through the glass, "Mommy, lets go home" in the saddest little voice. I told her to go back and listen to the teacher and she could come out when class was over. With a pout she went back to her spot, but came back to the door two more times. I felt so bad not letting her come out but I wanted her to make it through the class.
All in all she did good, and is looking forward to tomorrows class.
This is good practice for September.


Anonymous said...

Too cute!!!! It must have been hard to say no. But she made it!

Leslie said...

she is a doll!!! i want to sign abby up for dance but she is to timid sometimes!!!

Anonymous said...

Nik So cute!!! next time take a video of her in the class - I want to see her xo akka

Ellie said...

Hey... Angelena has that SAME outfit! Don't they look so gosh darn cute in them!

It is SOOOOOOOOOO funny to watch them try to be Elgent in jumping, when they have been jumping wild their whole life...