Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Liv's list

Today Liv had her 3 year old check up!!!! She looks like such a little lady in this pic.

So here is a Liv's list to celebrate:

Still in the 5th percentile all around!!!!

Liv is:
in love with Aladdin
whining again when she gets frustrated
constantly using the couch as a jungle gym

Liv wants:
to do everything herself
know who sings every song on the radio
ice or ice cream everyday

Liv says:

"Mommy where were you?" if I am anywhere but by her side.
"Home Mommy home!!!" when we are anywhere but home.
"Is it tickle time?" When she wants to be tickled by Daddy.


Leslie said...

awww soo small like my girl!!! abby had her 3 year a few weeks ago and was 24#'s 34inches!!! SOOO pixie but mighty! lol


Ellie said...

Ok, so Liv and Angelena must be twins at their 3yr check up. Only Angelena was 34 inch tall. Yet Angelo is almost caught up to both the girls. 2yr check up - 26 lbs, 30 in tall...

I don't comment much, but I still follow the blog.

As for the next little one... I am so excited for you guys. I so can't wait for more updates on (her/him)? You have said!