Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Impatient already

Things are going at a snails pace already in the adoption. (Isn't that suppose to happen after they get all our money, haha). We sent all the homestudy paperwork in the middle of June and we still have not had our first homestudy visit. Also only one of our references have been contacted. Yes the 4th of July holiday makes things slow up, and yes Mexico is still stalling because of all the earlier problems, swine flu, violence etc... But I'm anxious to start, how can I have lost my patience already!!!! My gut tells me this will be a long process. Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tracey said...

It will take as long as necessary to find that perfect little one you are meant to have:) Praying it's smooth sailing:)

Leslie said...

ohhh the world of adoption!

les said...

Stay busy,stay busy,stay busy!I know easier said than done. Hope things move along for you guys and you are a family of 4 plus 1 -four legged guy real soon!

Michelle Riggs said...

It is so hard when the paperwork is going slow. That drives me nuts when I am adopting. It has always worked out beautifully in the end, but it is hard.

I was rereading some of your comments when Abby was so sick. Thanks again for reaching out and encouraging me.

I am excited that you are adopting again.