Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weekly update

I have been such a bad blogger lately. All three of us are suffering from allergies, so it has not been fun in our house!!!!

Here's the scoop on this weeks finding on the adoption front.

Agency A- We had our phone conference this week. Turns out they request all of the money due at time of referral. Now I know of allot of people who had successful adoptions where payment is like this. But that was one thing Vinay and I discussed, that we want an agency that requires half the money at referral and the rest right before pick up. So agency A is out!!!

Agency B- Getting glowing feedback from references. Now to decide if we are going to Honduras or Nicaragua!!!


Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

I am so excited for y'all!! I would love to hear how the process is with either of these countries....what agencies are you looking at?! My e-mail is lindseyewheeler at


Les Saglibene said...

So happy you are making some progress-interesting to me that some require all the payment at once. Rather risky I would imagine. Hope everything moves along at a good pace. Seeing the VanLenten kids at Bri's as they are in Fl.!Can't wait until tommorow-playtime for grandma bene!