Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weekly update!!

So since starting this adoption process again. I thought I would post a weekly update to fill our family and friends as to where we are. Here we go.
Are we any closer to a decision, no. I'm getting mixed signals from both agencies. One sent me there references and I have not heard back from them. The other was suppose to have a phone conference, one day I rescheduled, and then the next day they missed the call. I did get an email saying she did not see my email, so now it is on for Monday.
I do think we are leaning more toward Honduras, sounds like a better system. Although last year they only had 11 children come to the USA from there. What a difference from Guatemala. So this is uncharted territory and I am terrified!!


JuJu - said...

WOW!!!! Praying for you guys and so excited!

Lund7 said...

Can I ask you what agency you will use if you go to Honduras? I didn't realize they were open to adoptions!!! Good luck to you!