Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not so wordless Wednesday

So why have we been saving as much money as possible?
Why have we been doing countless hours of online research?
Why have we been making dozens of calls to California to Maine?
Why have I enrolled in a Spanish class?

Have you guessed yet???

Yes your right we are adopting again.

Vinay and I have been talking about this since Christmas, and in February I really started to research countries, agencies, social workers. To be honest this time it seems harder to come to a decision. So here is where we are at.

We are between the countries of Honduras and Nicaragua-
We are between the agencies of Gladney and MLJadoptions out of Indiana

Does anyone have any advice, info (good or bad), or thoughts on our countries or agencies.

As of last week I thought all our decisions had been made, but the more I find out, the more confused I become!!!!


DJ Holly Rock said...

I don't have any info but I am so friggin excited for you!!!

Anonymous said...

dear nik and vinay...

congrats! we are soooo ecstatic for you guys! i ad suspected that was the "big news". whatever decision you make will be the right one. that will be one lucky little baby to have both of you for parents (and liv already is!).
let us know if you need anything!
jamie and jay

Tracey said...

Woowhooo!! Can't wait to follow your new journey!

Kim said...

I'm SO excited for you guys!! No advice - but I do have a co-worker who has done a lot of work in Honduras. He and his wife are actually selling their house and moving there this summer to live for about 5 years and work at an orphanage there. If you have any questions about the country, let me know and I'll get you in touch with him.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am soooooo excited!!!! I sort of thought that was it! What a lucky little one is out there just awaiting their wonderful sister,mommy and daddy! Hope all sll goes as smmothly as possible for you guys! Love les

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the goofy error filled previous post-migraine monster just makes me typing challenged! leS

Alleen said...

That's great news!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't help with your questions, but I know you'll come to your answer.

Can't wait to follow your journey.

Kelly said...

Don't know anything about Hondras, or Nicaragua, but I do know We have been very pleased w/Gladney.

Shannon said...

AWESOME NEWS!!! SO excited for you guys.

We were MORE than pleased with Gladney. Everything is so PROFESSIONAL! We will definitely use them again. If you want to ask me anything about them just email me: rednite713 at yahoo dot com

Also, have you considered Mexico? Gladney just opened up for Mexico this week. But I think it is children mainly over 4. May be worth checkin' out!