Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vacation pics

Vacations on the Jersey shore are what I remember from my childhood. I am so happy that now Olivia will have those same memories. We had a great week. Lots of sun, digging in the sand and Liv even went in the water. By the end of vacation she was brave enough to even stand at the waters edge and wait for waves without holding my hand. Liv and Daddy also had allot of bonding time and Liv became a bit of a Daddy's girl on vacation. So here are a few pictures, I kept forgetting my camera so most pics are from us just hanging in the house.

Our week began with Vinay having to cut open a lock, I forgot the key, with the jaws of life
Sunday Nicholas and his Mom, Dad, and baby sister came down. Liv loved going on the rides with Nicholas.
Oh yea a woman behind the wheel!!!!
Daddy and Liv on the crazy bus!
Mommy and Liv on the spinning dragon ride. Liv loved it, I almost threw up.
Nicholas enjoying the fish ride.
Liv really loving the fish ride!!
She could ride on rides all day!!!!
On a cloudy day we visited the aquarium.
Livvy the seal

Mom and Liv getting ready for the beach
Daddy and Liv before the beach
I got this dress at a store down the shore. This is right before Liv's nap. At some point during the nap, Liv decided to take off her diaper and pee and poop in her pack and play. I walked into the room and Liv was holding a handful of poop and said "yuck". The clean up took about an hour.
Dancing to the radio
This Girl has some moves!!!

Daddy and Liv at the water park. The only thing Liv liked was the lazy river.
Mommy and Liv taking a snack break
Who is that in that port hole?

It's Olivia hiding from the splashing water. She does not like water splashing in her face or on her hair.

Mommy and Liv playing nail salon.
Daddy and Liv resting after a long day at the beach.

My favorite picture!!!
Hope to catch up on every ones blogs real soon.


Alleen said...

What AWESOME pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There isn't anything in the world that would get Miss G to sit for a pedicure like that!! I've wanted so badly to try, but I know I end up with nail polish everywhere.

Kim said...

Love the pics!!! Glad you guys had a great time.

Our Family of 5 said...

Welcome Back! Fantastic pictures!

I am envious, like Alleen I would give anything for Sophia to sit still so I could do her little piggies, but she is off just as soon as she sits.

Sorry about the pack and play accident. I literally gagged reading it..LOL

Carrie said...

How adorable. I grew up going to the Jersey Shore too.

Sorry about the mess--luckily Savannah does not de-diaper--even though I safe guard against is as much as I can.

Savannah and Liv can spin all day when they get older. Savannah LOVES the spinning rides. I don't get motion sickness, but I was dizzy after Hershey Park. It is good that she will go on kiddie rides herself, Savannah won't.

Savannah and Liv have the same reaction to the Splash Park. Savannah is terrified and cannot stand water on her face or hair either. She still loves the bath and the pool, but no falling or moving water.

Becca said...

OMG - I love the pee and poop story as much as I love the beach! Too funny!

Peace and Hugs,