Sunday, July 06, 2008

For the fourth we declaired our independence!!!!

Independence from the bottle that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes yes Liv was still getting a bottle. Around 8:30 every night Liv would ask for a bottle, usually she would;t drink much, it was just a habit!!
I initially started getting rid of the bottles before her 1st birthday, but this child was so bad at eating I felt better know that at the end of the day she was getting some nutrition in the formula. So I said we'll get rid of it at 15 months, well she still was a bad eater. By about 18 months she was a little better but now she really loved that nightly bottle so I said OK at 2 we'll get rid of it. Well 2 came and went and I still did not have the guts to get rid of it.

Finally last week we knew we were staying at Vinay's mom's for the weekend, so I knew this was the perfect opportunity. I would leave the bottles at home. Liv had picked out a new cup earlier in the week, and I got her two other new cups for her to have her formula in. I still feel good about her having formula because we still have days where all she will eat is a cracker.

So on the first night I told Liv, "Sorry Mommy forgot your bottles, but here you can have one of these cups" She complained a little, looked through all the bags for the bottles, but was happy to have the cups. She has been using her special cup ever since. The bottles at home are already hidden, so when we go home, guess what someone stole the bottles for their babies.

Finally we are free from the bottle!!!! Free at last!!!! Free at last!!!!


Kim said...

Way to go Liv!!! (and what a great way to do it)

Anonymous said...


Tricia said...

Hey girl! THAT IS HUGE NEWS!! Wahoo!! Way to go!!

Ellie said...

I SO WISH I CAN GET RID OF THAT BOTTLE... If Anglo has a bottle, Angelena needs one to...

But Ya for LIV!~


JuJu - said...

You go girly:)
It is sad to see them grow up though -
I wihs I could feeze time some days;)

Alleen said...

sneaky, smart mom!!!

Tracey said...

Wooooowhoooo! Just wait for potty training, hee hee:)

Carrie said...

Good for you. We still have the bottle. Savannah would protest forever. She refuses to drink milk from anything but a bottle. She wouldn't buy that. She just won't drink the milk and the nutirition is still more important than the medium.

Savannah is a good eater of fruits and veggies, but not protien.

We have also been saying we are going to stop it, but now we are thinking by two and half, because if she isn't off it before the baby comes home, she will go right back when she sees the baby have a bottle.