Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A little Tiger Woods

Golf season has begun in our house, and since Vinay got new golf clubs for his birthday, he was eager to get out and play. Liv was eager to play also when daddy got home and was trying to clean off his clubs.

"All you have to do is hit this little ball"
"Here caddy hold my extra golf balls"
"Let see how many golf balls did I loose? Oh less that my daddy, great!"


Kim said...

Oh, Liv, I hope you didn't have to have surgery on your knee today like the real Tiger Woods!! Keep practicing - a cute, good female golfer could be a goldmine!!

Carrie said...

How adorable. The girl's got game! You can get her the Step 2 toddler golf game. It looks really cute, but I am sure she would like daddy's clubs better. They always do!

Like us, I can tell you are just dying to get outside and play. One nice day, one not so nice day...that is how it has been.

Ellie said...


And, ALWAYS keep you eye on the ball~


Anonymous said...

Where is Vaishu Akka's and Uncle Jakes gift??? Did she get bored of this ?? She playing with Vinay golf clubs-where is the blow up castle? I have to see the pics.
xo vaish

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Go Liv!!! That is so cute.