Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fun at the park and what to do about Liv's Birthday!!

Finally the last week or so we are enjoying some nice spring weather. So we have been hitting the park scene almost everyday. When we get in the car, Liv will look at me and say "weeeeeeee", The sound she makes on the swings, to ask me if we are going to the park. I of course say yes and we usually stop at the park on our way home from Grammy's or where ever we are that day.

Cool chick on the swings "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
Coming down the big slide all by herself.
Throwing rocks in the stream, she could do this for hours.
Pure cutness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some friends have asked what we are doing for Liv's birthday this year. I have been telling Vinay no big party this year. For her first Cinco de Mayo birthday Liv was overwhelmed and hated the whole thing. But Vinay was set on doing a huge party again. Well when I hosted Easter last month Liv was so clingy, didn't want anyone to hold her but me, didn't want get down and play that much, she just did not like all these people over. So that decided it, we would only do something small this year. Just our immediate family. This way Liv can enjoy herself and Mommy can enjoy herself. Sorry to all our friends who want to be there, we promise next year to have a huge bash. Vinay was thinking a drive-in movie theme with a big movie screen in the backyard, and all little kiddie cars lined up for the kids to sit in. Should be fun!


Kim said...

We're doing the same thing - very small dinner with just a few friends. I'm just not in the mood for a huge party this year. :)

Anonymous said...

hey nik...
totally understand about the party thing- we have been doing just family parties for a few years now for the same reason- the kids get overwhelmed. looking forward to the drive in party next year! lol...hope speech is going well for liv. we are thinking about ya!

Sharon said...

It is awesome that the weather is finally nice enough to stop at the park. Looks like Liv really enjoys it there.

Drive in Movie party sounds awesome!! What a great idea!! That's definitely something to look forward to next year.


Carrie said...

Weeeee is our sound for everything at the park too--swings and slides.

I don't blame you about the party. Savannah's homecoming/1st birthday she hated too. Did not like all the people. She also will only let me hold her. I had to hold her for over 3 hours at the wedding a few weeks ago. We had her birthday at My Gym this year and it was FANTASTIC! It was people she knew, a place she felt comfortable and nobody was invading her space in her house or touching her toys (not that she doesn't share, but she doesn't like a lot of people in her house).

Have a happy day with what you decide and you know what is best!

Ellie said...

I so understand about the party thing... I decided to have the 2 kids birhtday together. Considering they will be 1 and 2 this year. So, what do you have for a theme with a boy and a girl? ????? ELMO!

How can I go wrong... Party is this coming weekend, and it should be small, but fun. Heck, I was told the Birthday parties at this age are really for the parents anyway!