Friday, April 11, 2008

Fowl phobia and falling

Liv is a very cautious child. I hear people talk about their toddlers and how they are fearless. In many ways Liv's cautiousness is good. In stores she walks right next to me, she will rarely run away from me. Being cautious also makes her not climb on things or touch things that she is not suppose to. Liv will always look to me for the OK before she does things she is not sure of.
Unfortunately her cautiousness also makes her more prone to being scared of things.

Lately Liv has developed some phobia's that are so scary to her. About a month ago Liv and I were at the park. We go to a park that has some animals. We brought some old bread and crackers to feed the goats. As soon as I opened the food, a nearby Canadian Goose let out this squawk, and it must have been some bird call for every Goose in the park. Within seconds Geese were surrounding us. I closed the food bag and put it in my pocket. The Geese kept coming so I yelled "Get away" and waved my hand to shoo them away. Still these Geese are squawking and walking towards us. I quickly picked up Liv and had to run away. Poor Liv couldn't even enjoy the playground because she kept looking for the Geese, which are everywhere. After that day if Liv even hears a bird or sees one, it doesn't matter what kind, she says "Get" and waves her hand. She is so scared of any bird now and I worry that she will be so scared of seagulls this summer that the beach might be out of the question.

Liv's other fear is the stairs. She was late in climbing stairs. So it's only been in the past few months that she will go on the stairs. At my Mom's a few weeks ago I was letting Liv go up and down the stairs herself. She was doing good holding on to the railing, so if I went upstairs for something she would follow, and then she would be right behind me coming down. She was getting her confidence up by the end of the day. Of course later that night Liv was following me down and as I walked into the other room I heard her tumble and than a Smack as she hit the floor. She feel down about two steps, but somehow hit just above her lip and her nose was bleeding a little. She cried so hard and I felt terrible, but she was OK. Ever since that incident she won't go down my Mom's steps and she won't go down any steps without me holding her hand. I feel so bad for her but I want her to be comfortable going on steps. I dare not force her but try to encourage her and to reassure her that she can do it. I know that fear in toddlers is common, I just don't want them to rule her life.

Liv shedding some tears after she slipped going up the garage stairs this week.
Watching the radio made her feel so much better.


Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

That is good that she is cautious. Maya isn't scared of anything.

Anonymous said...

and the funny thing about toddlers is that they also forget quicker than we do and are more relisient. I think the stair thing she just needs time, but as for the geese......I couldn't help you there. go to a park that doesn't have geese and then revisit the one you went to when she turns 18 to see how she reacts then...........good luck.

Carrie said...

Savannah is very cautious too. She climbs on a lot of things, but only if I am there. She is afraid of things too--even things she used to not be afraid of. She is afraid of elephants and fire. We can't even put a fire in the fireplace. She also hides her eyes from some TV characters she used to like.

I think they gain new awareness and realize that things are scary.

I always stay very close to Savannah on the steps. She does a good job, but I still have baby gates and am there to catch a fall. We got a toddler railing that has helped a lot. She can do the steps at home, but still prefers me to carry her. However out or at my dad's house (where it is all carpet) she loves to do the steps over and over again by herself.

I think I would rather have cautious than fearless. Encouragment and confidence building will go a long waY and my hope is that this pattern will help her make good decisions as she gets older.

Our girls are so similar. We have to get together again soon!

Alleen said...

Oh my... We sure have opposite kids!!! Gabriella has no fear of doing things and it puts the fear of God into me, let me tell you. I am shocked we haven't made at least one trip to the ER yet. We've had a few close calls. She runs around like a wild woman every night after we undress her for her bath. Just last night, I told her not to run, she was going to get hurt. Boom! Into the knob on her armoire and a bloody nose and fat lip.

And can I just say how incredibly jealous I am that you can have her WALK in a store? No way on this Earth could I let her out of her stroller. She would take off running and the more I called her, the faster she'd run. We don't go places sometimes because I know I couldn't control her or keep her with me.

But, I can certainly see how you don't want her to be afraid of everything. I think the more she realizes you will be there for her, she'll venture out more.