Thursday, November 12, 2009

PJ Love!!!

Liv has always loved pajamas. She even went through a time last winter, where she would only wear clothes if she could leave her pajamas on underneath. Hey you pick your battles right.

Last week we were watching "My Fair Wedding" on WE, and my Mom said to Olivia, "Wouldn't you like to wear a pretty sparkling wedding dress like that one day?" Liv answered "No", I was floored, "Why? What are you going to wear when you get married" I prodded. She looked me straight in the face and said "Mommy I'm going to wear jammies to get married". That is defiantly wedding attire Vinay will be happy to pay for!!!

Pretending to sleep on parker.

Cuddling with Parker during movie night. Parker was not to happy about this.

Vaishu Akka sleepover while our traveling hubbies are away.

Liv showing off new PJ's I got super cheap at gymboree!!


Leslie said...

i love my pjs too!!

steff said...

A PJ Wedding?! Liv is my kind of girl! Believe it or not, out of me and the bee, HE is the one pushing for the big wedding and I want no frills, as in we get married on the fly, in PJ's...

Anonymous said...

soooo cute love it! Had so much fun!