Thursday, November 05, 2009

Done that!!!! Check!!!!!

In the past week or so we have made a big dent in the adoption paperwork mound. A friend of mine from my Mommy's group is a notary, so we were able to go to her and get allot done!! Thank you Maddie!!!!

It has felt so good to finally check off a few things from the never ending adoption "to do" list that haunts my refrigerator door everyday.

Some people have asked me to elaborate on what exactly is taking so long, and if I have any sort of timeline for this adoption. So here is basically the gist of what is going on.

The Mexico adoption program that we are in is a pilot program. And that means... that it is a new program, so we are one of the first few families to do this.

Right now we are compiling what is called a dossier, a collection of paperwork. Marriage certificates, birth certificates, medical exams reports, financial statements, fingerprints, new passports, the list is long and boring. So things we have control over, others we are at the mercy of the US government. Filing a Visa to bring a foreign child into the country.

We have to have all of these documents together, before we can send it down to Mexico to be translated and then filed with there government. I am hoping to have all this done before Christmas.

After that here is what happens:

1. Dossier is filed in Mexico, should take about 1 month

2. We are approved and placed on a waiting list, once we are on the list we are looking at about 6 months before we receive information/referral of a child.

3. We accept the referral, send down more documents to Mexico

4. Wait for Mexico to prepare child's Visa, and file all paperwork on their end. About 2-4 months.

5. Travel to Mexico. Vinay myself and Olivia will be traveling to Mexico together. We will spend 1 week visiting our new child in the orphanage, than the child will come and live with us in Mexico. Yes we will be living there for about 2 months, Vinay, myself, Olivia, and our new son/daughter, waiting for the final adoption decree and the Visa to be processed. If need be Vinay will travel back and forth to the states for business.

So all in all if I had to pick a time I would say we will be traveling for the final pick up some time next fall.

I'll try to keep everyone updated as things progress. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support, we are so lucky to have such wonderful friends!!!


Les said...

Nothing like being able to check off things completed and move along your journey to a family of 4! Adoption is a real test of patience but as you guys already know it is sooooo well worth it! Prayers Liv keeps you so busy the time moves by quickly.

Tracey said...

Awesome! Brings back so many memories...I sure hope time flies for you!

Anonymous said...

You should be very patient because it´s a long process, but i´m sure youll have a beautiful children.