Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Update, new photos, and the "Mother of all Raffles"

My grandfather is doing well. Thank you so much for all the prayers, I know they are helping in his recovery. He is doing good in physical therapy, little by little he is walking with the walker. His mental state has also gotten better, he is more positive and less out of it since he came off the painkillers. Liv and I are going for another visit today. She just loves to run around the halls and find people who will shower her with attention.

Parker surgery is scheduled for Thursday. This weekend we spent some quality time with him. Olivia just loves him, she showers him with kisses and bearhugs him whenever he finally thinks it is safe to lay down. Parker on the other hand just tolerates her, unless of course she is carrying food, then he is all over her.

Now for the "Mother of all Raffles" Holly and Julia are up to some very good, helping 2 families who are in the process of bringing home some very special children. Please check out their blog and help if you can. If we all just skip getting one daily latte, and use that money for a raffle ticket we can help bring these children home.

Liv and Daddy hanging out at Liv's friend Nicholas' house.
Nicholas just cracks Olivia up. That boy can make her laugh like no one else. It's like they have a secret language.
Finally a picture of Liv in her full costume. She wore it for a little while on Halloween and at this party.


Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

She is so adorable in her costume. What is the secret to getting them to wear jeans? Maya acts like her legs won't move in jeans. Silly girl!! I will keep Parker in my prayers.

Carrie said...

Glad your grandfather is improving.

Liv is precious. I love when they laugh.

Savannah wouldn't wear a costume like that for 2 seconds. So cute!

Prayers for Parker, your furry child. Savannah loves our cats too, but they barely tolerate her.

Erin said...


Liv is beautiful! What a cute little costume.

Thanks for commenting on my post. It is so nice to hear from others about bumps they had along the way in making decisions regarding adoption. It is even better to see the results of a happy little one and family when all the bumps are smoothed out.

I'd love to hear about your great agency. I have spoken to quite a few. It is so strange to actually have a good conversation with a director and then see them 'in the news' within months. This happened with two different agencies, both are being investigated; one charged. I could not believe it!

Thanks again for sharing....

Enjoy your sweet little girl,