Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The princess and the pea

Guess what everyone I now eat not only corn, but peas also. My Mom has been so busy helping with Pop Pop, I thought it would be nice if I expanded my menu. So now I will eat some vegetables like corn, peas, and broccoli. Last week I even tried eggplant. How good am I? My Mom and Dad were so happy they started dancing and getting all excited. It doesn't take much to please them!!!
Well gotta go I'm not allowed on the computer but I sneak it if I think my Mom's not looking.

Love ya,


Kim said...

Way to go Liv!! Can you please come to my house and teach Alex how to eat his vegetables because he isn't doing as good as you are.

I'm glad you are being good for mommy so she can take care of Pop Pop.

Ellie said...


I am so excited for you! Just be very careful and don't think they are balls...

HAHAHA... You little Buddy Angelena thinks they are balls and through them!!!


The McKenzie Crew said...

I can't wait to meet that peanut one day:)

Carrie said...

You have a veggie girl too. Savannah loves all veggies. It is protein that is the challenge. She is so cute!