Thursday, April 08, 2010

All about pets!!!!

Olivia has a always been a stuffed animal girl. She loves anything soft and cuddly!! Baby dolls go ignored in our house. Barbies, she wants noting to do with them. Lately she has really been into her puppies. She feeds them, swaddles them, sings to them, and yes sleeps with about 20 of them!

Here she is feeding her puppies

And loving on the big puppy!!!!


steff said...

uh oh. sounds like you guys might be getting guilted into another family friend in the near future! i wish bob would let me get a cat already. i tried convincing him it would help with our cricket problem but so far he's not buying it...

nikki said...

Please remind Bob about his childhood cat at the Marlboro house!!!! He loved that cat!!!
He should let you get a cat!!!