Thursday, August 20, 2009

OctoMom, 35, and a tattoo!!!!!

For a very long time I have wanted a tattoo. When I was younger, I would entertain the idea, but I never really found something that I would want permanently branded onto my skin. So I would forget about it and then every few years I would want one again. For my 30th birthday I wanted Vinay and I to get matching Ohm's. An ohm is an Indian symbol, that means peace and tranquility. Vinay wasn't too keen on the idea. I was too chicken to do it alone. So 30 came and went and still no tattoo.
Here I am approaching my 35 birthday and once again the tattoo bug has bitten and this time I really want to do it. So for a few months I have been thinking about what I want to get. I have always really liked how Angelina Jolie has the geographical coordinates of her children's birth places. Of course hers is to cover up Billy Bob Thorton's name, but still, what a nice tribute to your children. So with the second adoption still very far away. I thought it would be really great to get Liv's birth place coordinates tattooed right above my hip bone. And then when our second child comes home I would get his or her coordinates added to the tattoo. I was very excited because Liv's coordinates even included the # 35, how cool was that. I had it all figured out, I had even started researching writing styles. A good thing to do when you want to be spontaneous for your mid-life crisis, yea right!!!!
Well in my research I found out that the annoying OctoMom, Nadya Suleman, has the same tattoo in her crazy ploy to become/look like Angelina Jolie. Now I have no problem copying Angelia, but the OctoMom, No, I just can't seem to do it.
SO here I am a month away from my 35 birthday, wanting a tattoo, something that would have special meaning and I am out of ideas. So I'm putting this out there and hoping blogland or facebook friends can help me with some thoughts. I don't want another birthday to go by and still not doing this one thing from my bucket list!!!!


steff said...

that's a good question! im the same as you. i've toyed with the idea since WAAAAY before it was even legal for me to get a tat. i still don't have one bc i am too fickle to commit. i say, if you really liked the idea of the coordinates then you should do it regardless of crazy octomom and her insane need for attention.

Anonymous said...

curse you octomom....and who is that, btw? I am picturing a mom with 8 arms right now. come one and make that appointment and figure all this stuff out later. no appt=no pressure to get it! I agree to go with your idea. in the end, no one else is really gunna have the exact same tat. go for it rebel.

Ellie said...

Ok... I must confess... I have a few tattoos too... And my first was when my niece passed away 5 years ago... Yep... 5 days after my 35 birthday... It was the night of my Nieces funeral, and 8 of us decided we were going to all go and get a tattoo... My neice wanted a Kermit the Frog Tattoo, but never could do it... So ALL 8 of us got a Kermit the frog, in one way or another, in different parts of out bodys... my is on my back, with Kermit sitting in a cloud with his hand out with Angel dust in a pile on his hand, with a Pink Ribbon floating above it.

Yes, once I got one, they started to become addicting... Kind of like adoption!~ I stopped with 2 kids for now, but have 5 Tattoos...

Now for my next tattoo, I want something to do with Guatemala, Angelena and Angelo, and Angels... I think I want to go with they Mayan Gods and Goddess with the Mayan Calender... Not sure yet, cause that is alot of pain... I mean work!