Tuesday, November 14, 2006

4 weeks

Well today marks 4 weeks since we got home.

It feels like she's been here longer.I love this picture of Vinay and Liv because they look so comfortable together. I also must say Vinay has just been incredable with her and seeing him with her, makes me fall even more in love with him.

Well last week I told you how good Liv was eating. Well the cereal was making her bloated so she wasn't drinking her bottel. One of my many mistakes. Liv has also decided that she wants to wake up during the night but not drink a bottel, or go back to sleep.

I am finally realizing how tough being a parent is. I love her so much and I want to do everything right so I have been stressing out. Big time!!!!!!!!!!! Last week was a killer.

Vinay worked late Monday and Tuesday, got home at 10 then Wednesday he had to catch a 5Am train to Baltimore. He didn't get home till 4pm Thursday. I did as best I could without him, but it was hard. By Friday night I was fried. My wonderful, fantastick husband. Let me sleep in the guest room friday night, so I wouldn't hear the monitor, and got up with her all night. Did I mention Liv has been getting up more than once. He is so wonderful.

I have really been enjoying being a full time Mom, but I have my moments, when I think "I don't know what I'm doing? I don't know how I'm going to do this? Or how I will be the Mom she deserves?" The sleep deprevation isn't helping me much either. I know this is all first time mommy stress, and I really didn't think I would stress since she's already 6 months, and we waited so long for her, but here I am. A stressed out crazy lady, who needs a haircut, bad, and is just trying to figure all this stuff out.

And you all thought the drama was over once the adoption was complete.


ginger said...

Hang in there!! You have a beautiful little angel. Be sure to take some time for yourself.

Anonymous said...

hang in there nik. we all have those moments (i still have them!!). you and vinay are the perfect parents for liv, don't worry. i think we will still have those moments when the kids are all adults too! all we can do is get through it the best we can. you guys love that little girl more than anything. in the end that is what is most important and that is the best thing we can do for our kids!

The McKenzie Crew said...

Girl - let me tell you _this is normal - NORMAL - -I have been through the baby days four times prior =and yet - I am no PRO - I am taking it one day at a time. It is hard and I think jumping in mid stream is even harder. You feel like you have to do everything perfect to make up for time lost time and you or analyze everything - because you do not want to mess up or let this precous gift you have been given - down! It is hard - Mom's that act like it is not are LYING to you! Bringing home a baby you have not had with you from day one is hard. You are going through all of the normal feelings and emotions!

I am VERY PROUD of YOU for being honest about it!!!

Kudos and hugs to you Sista!!:)


Anonymous said...

Have a bowl of ice cream, read a book, get a damn haircut and call me in the morning! Trial and error is normal. I gave Emily a teething buscuit at 4months old and she had no teeth, by the way. Mike practically jumped into her esophagus to get out whatever dissolved in her mouth. We all have our days! Just don't put her into a snowsuit upside down like my mom said she did to me when I was 3 months old or so. It explains a lot, right?

love, Kwis

Holly G. said...

Hi Nikki,

Don't forget that we live in the same town....if you need any help(or just to vent) give me a call.

I have my fair share of I'm-not-going-to-even-need-a-haircut-
hair-out days. As long as Olivia is happy(and it is evident that she is) you are doing a great job.


Anonymous said...

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Alleen said...

Aye.. you sound like I felt in the first month as a new full-time mommy. You will fall into a groove and get the hang of it. I promise!! Listen to me, home for 2 months and thinking I'm a pro.. Hee hee. There were some days where I thought "This is what I wanted so badly??? I can't do it". But, then the next day would be better.

My BIG treat - finally taking an hour to go get a pedicure last weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm a first time mom too. I work 40hrs a week, my husband is great, but there are things we must do ourselves, or so we think. My releif comes on the weekends. My parents take my son for one night.(every weekend) I highly recommend it. It not only gives you time to breath, but it gives you and your hubby some time to spend together.